The Because Group - New Website Coming Soon!

As the web transitions from a cost center to a profit center, media and entertainment companies must make sure of the best possible web presence. This means building and maintaining a large number of websites - at least one for each major brand, product, or artist - and making sure they offer an excellent customer experience. Providing fresh content and incorporating social media features and functionality are crucial, all the while keeping costs as low as possible.

With siloed islands of technology that have evolved over time in a piecemeal, do-it-yourself fashion, the typical media and entertainment web infrastructure is inefficient and increases operational costs and time to market, it does not always scale, has diminished data collection and reporting capabilities, and In some cases is proving hard-to-integrate social media functionality.

Because Group International Ltd is a digital media distribution company that has developed with its strategic partners a ground breaking global distribution infrastructure for online media content. Applied the infrastructure gives complete control back to the content owner.

Because Group is the parent company of the Skyhub Digital group of companies that owns the online business technologies. Skyhub Digital’s business model is a simple one. Through our digital future solution (dfsTM) suite of products we offer a robust platform for global digital content distribution and online payments. Our mandate is to provide the infrastructure to enable Content Owners, corporations and independents across the globe the ability to trade their digital content. Most Content Owners are unable to trade from their websites. Many send their fans or customers to iTunes or other third party websites.

Content Owners are able to place their content in their own environment within the Skyhub Digital Warehouse. The Content Owner becomes the sole operator of that environment at all times. The Skyhub Warehouse services the showcasing and sale of content distributed and accessed via any number of different websites that the Content Owner chooses to supply - from retail sites to social media portals, or online re-sellers - all distribution channels can be accommodated.

The Skyhub Digital infrastructure assists in the monetization of their content across all of these sites and maximizes their chance of making a sale. Once the fan chooses to purchase content, Skyhub delivers the download direct to their device of choice in the file type of their choice.